Online Technical Support to Fix and Repair Windows Startup Error

Windows operating system also creates problem at the time of booting the computer system. And the error comes at the time of starting the windows is called “Windows Startup Error” that most of the times comes with an error code or name to show which application is creating a problem. Such issues mainly come when you do recent hardware or software change or maybe you have installed windows updates. So, we have come with online solution to windows startup repair and fix error codes remotely.

How to Disable Windows Startup Programs Windows to Avoid Errors?

The best way to avoid windows startup error is change the windows startup programs on your computer. When you change the startup action of various apps on your computer it not starts the application without your permission. To disable the windows startup on Windows 7, Vista, or XP follow the steps given below or call to our online technician who will assist you remotely and provide online help to disable the startup programs.

Steps to Disable Windows Startup Programs Windows 7, Vista, or XP:

  • Click the Startup tab on the System Configuration main window
  • Now check box next to each one to disable the programs at startup
  • Click OK once you have check mark in the boxes.
  • A dialog box asking you to restart your computer
  • Click Restart to restart your computer immediately.
  • If are not ready to restart your computer, click Exit without restart.

How to Change Windows Startup Programs Windows 10 to Avoid Errors

Windows 10 operating system has different structure and operational functionalities. To avoid windows startup error in windows 10 you just need to disable the application and you will never face startup problem on your PC. To change the startup errors on your windows 10 computer follow the steps given below. However, despite if disabling the startup windows program you still face the similar problem on your computer you can call at windows technical support number and get quick online help by us.

Steps to Change Startup Programs Windows 10:

  • Select the Start button, then select Settings>Apps>Startup but make sure any app you want to run at startup is turned On.
  • If you don’t see the Startupoption in Settings, right-click the Start button, select Task Manager, then select the Startup
  • Now select the app you want to change, then select Enableto run it at startup or Disable so it doesn’t run.

How to Fix Windows Startup Error?

Windows startup error comes when few applications start automatically and creates problems while booting the system. The actual problems come when startup programs not work properly or not starts with booting the system. Either application is outdated or crashed or not starting automatically, and unexpected error comes on your computer screen. To fix the windows startup error code you can find the best solution given below by the experts or call us for online support to fix the windows startup error on your system.

Steps to Fix Windows Startup Error:

  • Disable the windows startup programs
  • Using Startup Repair to fix the error
  • Repair corrupt system files
  • Using the system file check
  • Run chkdsk on the boot volume
  • Running the DISM utility
  • Choose the Startup Repair Recovery Tool
  • Restore your system to a previous date

Fix following Windows Startup Error Codes with our Online Support:

  • Fix Windows Startup Error Code 0x490
  • Fix Windows Startup Error Code 0xc00000f
  • Fix Windows Startup Error Code 0xc00000e
  • Fix Windows Startup Error Code 0xc00007b
  • Fix Windows Startup Error Code 0xc00000e9

Dial Windows Support Number 1-888-588-4698 to Fix Windows Startup Error Codes

If you have encountered with windows startup error you can find the right solution at our website. Just type the error code or name and from the blog section you will get best troubleshooting process to fix the error codes with assured results. If you not find the solution just call at windows customer support number and get online assistance by our computer experts and solve the windows startup problems. With us you can get online help for windows computer related any problem with assured solution.