Online Technical Support to Fix and Repair Windows 10 Startup Error

Windows 10 startup problem comes due to malfunction in booting process or owing to malware outbreak in master boot record. Windows 10 startup error can show you various problems like taking extraordinary time for booting, slow booting process, auto shutdown or not booting etc. Windows startup error can be fix thanks to the online tech support service available round-the-clock here. Here we fix repair windows error including all the errors with windows 10 to solve various types of issues with these operating systems.

How to Change Windows 10 Startup Screen?

You have a problem with your windows 10 startup, you can make changes as per your choice. Actually, while starting the windows 10 your computer go through various screens like windows icon, buffering display and preset theme. Sometimes, highly complicated background or themes create windows 10 startup problem. But if you change the startup screen you can avoid such issues and boot the system at better speed without facing any issue. To change the windows 10 startup screen get our online help by windows experts.

How to Speed Windows 10 Startup to Avoid Errors?

Windows 10 starting at the slow speed can be improved to make the system faster. Actually, there are many programs that also starts in the background when you start your computer. And the speed of windows 10 PC is affected due to such auto start programs. Moreover, there could be other reasons and if you don’t know how to how to boost startup speed windows 10 just find below the few steps or call us for online support.

Steps to Speed up Windows 10 Startup:

  • Clean up Your junk Files
  • Change your power settings at saving mode
  • Clean out your hard disk and
  • Shorten the boot menu timeout
  • Set automatically open fewer programs
  • Disable startup programs on windows 10

How to Disable Fast Startup Windows 10?

When fast startup is enabled on your windows 10 PC and when you shut down your system it never shut downs properly and go to hibernation mode allowing the system to start quickly when you again start your system. So to avoid such issues you can disable fast startup windows 10 and make your system switch off completely to avoid startup related errors. To disable the fast startup windows 10 follow the steps given below or get online help with us for windows 10 startup repair and solve other related issues.

Steps to Disable Fast Startup Windows 10:

  • Right-click the Startbutton and click Search.
  • Type Control Paneland press Enter.
  • Now Click Power Options and click Choose what the power buttons do.
  • Here select change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Click Turn on fast startup (recommended)so that the checkmark disappears.
  • Now click save changes and exit to disable the fast startup.

How to Fix Windows 10 Startup Error?

If windows 10 start not working properly on your computer and showing an error you need to deal with issue carefully to avoid such errors. To fix this issue you have to perform the startup repair with right process. To do that, boot your system into recovery environment by turning your computer on and off three times but make sure while booting your computer when you notice the windows logo. After third time windows 10 will boot into diagnostics mode where you just need click advanced options when the recovery screen appears. When you click advanced options a new window will appear just select Troubleshoot, then advanced options and then click Startup Repair to fix these issues permanently.

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Making your windows 10 starts normally is important to save the booting time and avoid other issues. Hence, for windows 10 startup problem fix you can call at our windows 10 customer service number and get online assistance by experts. We have team of highly skilled technicians to troubleshoot windows 10 problems and fix the startup errors with assured results. Our techies use the best tools and techniques to resolve windows computer problems and facilitate end-users work without any trouble.