Online Technical Support to Fix Windows 10 Shutdown Error

Windows 10 PC shutting down automatically can create a bigger for you, especially if it happens very often that can corrupt your hard disk or data. Actually, there is an additional shut down option in Windows 10 that is called hibernate and this hybrid shutdown decreases the shutdown time by hibernating the kernel session, instead of completely closing it. Though, it decreases the booting time, but this hybrid shutdown feature may also cause errors or can stop your windows 10 PC from shutting down completely. So, we will help right here to fix windows 10 shutdown error and solve hybrid shutting down issues.

How to Schedule Windows 10 Shutdown?

Windows 10 comes with some incredible features that help you to schedule the certain functions and allow the system perform the task automatically. Scheduling the auto shutdown is also one of the them that allows you to set your computer for shutting down as per your customize time. There are several methods discussed below to schedule the auto shut down on your computer and if need any kind of help just dial our windows 10 support to get online help and windows 10 will not shut down again on your computer.

Steps to Schedule the Windows 10 Shutdown:

  • Start Task Scheduler on your computer by typing Schedulein the Search bar.
  • No click the Create Basic Task and enter the Namefor your Task, of Shutdown.
  • Now choose “When do you want the task to start”.
  • If you want to set one time the Time and date when the task will be executed.
  • Here next choose Start a program and click the Browse button and go to C:\Windows\System32 and select a file called Shutdown then press
  • Now just in Add arguments field add -s, and then click
  • Now you should see the task information. You can check it one last time, and if you’re pleased with your settings click Finishto schedule a shutdown.

How to Solve Windows 10 Shutdown Problem?

Windows 10 shutdown problem is not a bigger issue until you faces a bigger problem like data loss and system corrupt etc. If your computer is shutting down frequently you need to solve this issue to avoid major losses and keep your computer data safe. To solve shutdown problem in windows 10 just update your system with the steps given below. If you failed to do so and facing any kinds of problem just dial our windows 10 technical support to get help of our online technician and solve the problem easily.

Steps to Solve the Windows 10 Shutdown Problem:

  • Open the Startmenu and type Windows update in the search bar.
  • Click on Windows updateand Check for the updates.
  • Download and install if there are any pending updates need to be installed.

How to Fix Windows 10 Shutdown Error?

Windows 10 restarts after shutdown or keeps shutting down again and again means there is shut down related issue on your computer and you need to follow the right troubleshooting process to deal with this problem carefully. To fix windows 10 shutdown error we have suggested few useful troubleshooting steps given below just follow them and if there is any problem or shutdown is not fixed just dial our Windows 10 tech support number to get online help and solve the issue by experts with assured results.

Steps to Fix the Windows 10 Shutdown Error:

  • Disable the Fast Startups to Resolve the Issue
  • Remove the Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware Software
  • Update Intel Management Engine Interface Driver
  • Update your Windows 10 to fix this issue
  • Remove any attached or connected device.
  • Disable wireless connections before shutting down PC
  • Update Intel MEI Driver to Fix Windows 10 Shutdown error.

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Call Windows 10 Customer Care Number to Fix Windows 10 Shutdown Error

If despite taking precautions or adjusting the various settings the auto shutdown issue continues on your computer, you need to fix it with the help of an expert who can diagnosis and fix the actual problem with suitable solution. For windows 10 shutdown problem fix dial our windows 10 customer support number get remote based troubleshooting services at your desk. Our technicians will not disappoint you and give you the best windows 10 customer support service at nominal charges with safety.