Online Support to Fix Windows 10 Downgrade Error and Solve Issues

Windows 10 operating system not suiting on your computer system can be solved with downgrade to any previous version. Actually, Microsoft provides an option for windows 10 users to downgrade their operating system to previous version to windows 7. There is an option under settings to go to roll back your windows 10 but at some point of time you can face any error and we are right here to help you to fix the actual problems. To fix the windows 10 downgrade error we will be best choice for you.

How to Downgrade Windows 10 without facing an Error?

To downgrade windows 10 on your computer you need to follow the right instructions given by the experts. Actually, there is a limited option to roll back your system to only windows 7 operating system and if you want to get any other operating system version you have to uninstall windows 10 and install the required one with new setup. To downgrade windows 10 to lower version follow the steps given below or call us for online help to help you remotely to rolling back your PC to lower version for Windows OS.

Steps to Downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7:

  • Click Start Menu, and open Settings option.
  • Now in Settings app, find and select Update & security.
  • Select Recovery option to get windows OS version option.
  • Select Go back to Windows 7or Go back to Windows 8.1 (if available)
  • Select Get startedbutton, and it will revert your computer to an older version.
  • Now restart your system to enjoy the Windows 7 platform on your PC.

How to Fix Windows 10 Downgrade Error?

When you run the downgrading process of windows 10 your computer you can face an unknown error that can come due to various reasons. The error means the downgrading process will not be completed or failed before completion. To avoid such issues you need to get a help with expert technician available with us or you can follow the steps given below for windows 10 downgrade error fix. If these troubleshooting steps are not helpful get windows 10 downgrade support with our techies to fix the downgrade error code with safe results.

Steps to Fix Windows 10 Downgrade Error:

  • First of all forcefully restart or shutdown
  • Use Legacy Boot option given on your computer
  • Use a hard drive image to restore your system
  • Leave your computer running for couple of hours
  • Reinstall windows to enjoy the lower version

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Dial Windows 10 Customer Care Phone Number 1-888-588-4698 to Fix Downgrade Error

During the downgrade process there are certain things kept into mind to avoid errors and keep your data safe. If you forget anything you can be encountered with unknown error signifying that there is a problem or procedure is failed. At this stage we will help you remotely to accomplish this task successfully. Just dial windows 10 customer support number and you will get online assistance by our experts to check the issue wirelessly and try the downgrade process after fixing the actual problem causing the error.