Windows 7 Update Error 80072ee2?

How to Fix Windows 7 Update Error 80072ee2?

This error generally, appears when you are trying to update your windows either the updates are set to off manually or the files of windows updater are corrupted. In our blog step by step procedure to fix windows update error are explained in details. For troubleshooting errors in windows a team of tech experts scan for errors time to time and provide best method to fix issue.

Windows 7 Update Error 80072ee2?

Methods to Fix Windows 7 Update Error 80072ee2:


Step1: Open control panel and start troubleshooting.

Step2: In system and security option, click on fix problems with windows updates.

Step3: Click on next to start troubleshooting for errors while updating.

If windows troubleshooter is unable to update then follow next method.


Step1: Press windows+R key.

Step2: Type services.msc and hit enter.

Step3: Search for windows update entry right click and select stop.

Step4: Now open c> windows>Softwaredistribution delete all the content you find in that folder.

Step5: Now again perform step1 and step2 then right click windows update entry and click start.

Step6: Perform step1 and type regedit and hit ok.

Step7: In registry find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE open it and select software followed by policies>Microsoft>windows>windowsupdate open windows update now.

Step8: Delete wuserver and wustatusserver check windows update now if they running try to update if not start it by by performing step1 and step2.

Call Windows Support Number 1-888-588-4698 to Fix Windows 7 Update Errors

If facing issues after following all the steps given above you can call an expert. To get in touch with Windows professionals you can connect to Windows 7 customer support number and get online help to fix Windows 7 update error. Our team of certified tech experts is working round the clock to fix Windows 7 computers problems with right solution.

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