Windows 7 Activation Error 0xc004e003

How to Fix Windows 7 Product Key Error Code 0xc004e003?

The error code 0xc004e003 generally seen in Windows 7 when activation error is encountered during key activation in windows and activate now message is prompted again and again. It is seen with copied windows as well as pirated copies of the windows they may have some corrupted files in the copy of windows or windows installation not be done properly.

If you are not able to install windows 7 and need support you can execute one by one all the steps by following How to Fix Windows 7 Installation Error 0xc00000e9. If you are unable to activate windows 7 you can follow methods below and execute them one by one to activate windows 7 to solve activation problem.

Windows 7 Product Key Error Code 0xc004e003

Steps to Fix Win 7 Product Key Error Code 0xc004e003:


Step1: Press R + windows key to open and run.

Step2: Enter ‘SLUI 4’ and press enter to open activation window.

Step3: Click on drop down menu to select your country and press next button.

Step4: Now a list of toll free number will be displayed.

Step5: Dial number and follow instructions to get your confirmation ID.

Step6: Enter your confirmation ID and click on activate button.


Step1: Repeat step1 method1.

Step2: Enter ‘SLUI 3’ and press enter.

Step3: Enter product key and press next or activate button.


Step1: In windows search type CMD and right click on first entry to run as administrator.

Step2: In command prompt type ‘regedit’ and press enter.

Step3: Open in registries in the following manner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software> Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>setup>OOBE.

Step4: Double click mediabootinstall if not found create entry and set to 0, if found edit to 0.

Step5: In cmd type slmgr /rearm and press enter and restart system after completion.

Step6: Restart the system and open command prompt in admin mode.

Step7: Enter ‘SLUI 1’ and press enter to activate

Call Windows Support Number +1-888-588-4698 to Fix Windows 7 Error Code 0xc004e003

If you are not able to fix windows 7 product key error code 0xc004e003 after performing all the commands explained in the blog by experts and need help. Contact support round the clock by dialing toll free number +1-888-588-4698 round the clock to Fix Windows 7 Product Key Error. Call now to get in touch with certified professionals of Windows customer support number.

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