How to Fix Display Driver Error Windows 10?

Display driver crashing appears when while playing a game or playing a video or running any flash application windows freezes hangs or Black or blue screen of death is seen, then after restarting the system you may encounter a message that windows drivers has stopped working and recovered from an error. Generally windows display drivers stopped working or not able to perform any kind of graphics related operations.

Steps to Fix Display Driver Issues Windows 10:


Step1: Open task manager and end task programs as many as you can.

Step2: Open control panel and click on performance information and tools.

Step3: Adjust visual effects for better performance in additional settings.Fix Display Driver Error Windows 10METHOD2: INCREASE GPU PROCESSING TIME

Step1: Exit all windows based programs.

Step2: Press windows button and search for regedit.

Step3: Browse and search for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers”.

Step4: Right click on entries in them and add Dword and in name section enter tdrdelay and the vale for data must be 8, After that reboot the computer.


Step1: Open device manager and search for display drivers open the entry and search for drivers update.

Step2: If found any latest version install it and restart the computer.

Method4: Make sure you have installed latest version of direct X on your computer, if not search for latest version and install them.

Method5: Search for adobe flash player if installed check for latest version, if not search latest version of adobe flash player and install application.

Call Windows Support Number 1-888-588-4698 to Fix Display Driver Error

On following all the steps given above display driver is not working in windows 10 you can call certified technical expert. To get connected with windows professionals you can call windows customer support number and get help online to fix driver problems. Our team of certified technical experts working here to fix windows 10 driver errors with right approach.

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